Wandering the White Tank Mountains

I spent a little over a week in Glendale, Arizona, and I wasn’t getting back on a plane to Dallas without seeing some desert mountains.


I was managing a conference, which meant free time came in random bouts. Some friendly employees at the Renaissance Glendale Hotel & Spa recommended White Tank Mountain Park since it’s not too far from the hotel.


It didn’t take long to see that these mountains were a nice recreation area. I passed people with everything from walking sticks to picnics. I also passed a lot of snake and mountain lion signs.


Whoops….someone wore the wrong shoes. In my defense, when I packed for this trip, I didn’t think I’d have any free time at all. Never one to let fashion stop me, I was off to explore what I could in the time I had.


When I use the term, “wandering” in this post title, I’m not exaggerating. I drove around and tried to make sure I didn’t get lost since someone was expecting me to come back… you know, to do my job and stuff.


Here’s a little more of what I captured while wandering.



I wish I’d have had the opportunity to spend more time here. There are tons of good turn offs to stop, park and wander. You can find more information on the park here.

Have you ever been to White Tank Mountain Park? Favorite place to wander?


Take Me Back to Torrey Pines

I don’t really have a lot to say about Torrey Pines, other than that it’s absolutely gorgeous and I wish I could have spent more time there. I packed every single day I was in San Diego full, and I don’t regret one missed second of sleep. So, in order to cut my rambles short, I leave you with some handy information for hiking Torrey Pines and a few of my favorite photos.


Tips first, because I’m saving the best for last!
1. You can hike in plain ol’ tennis shoes (although I’d recommend some with a little traction). Aside from one steep path that heads down to the beach, the terrain is fairly flat and smooth.
2. You can park by the beach or near the ranger station.
3. Pack water because there is no place to buy any on the trails. You can’t take food on the trails either, so fill up before you head out. None of the trails are much more than 1 mile, so you should be fine.
4. Take a camera!!! These coastal cliffs are to die for. You don’t even need to be good at taking pictures to get some beautiful shots here.

I started down by the beach
Torrey Pines 2
Compliments of a plain Jane point-and-shoot camera
This guy had the right idea
There were a few of these throughout the Reserve. I really enjoyed stopping to read them.
Something to be aware of, although most of the trails I saw were very wide and clear. I felt pretty safe hiking here alone.
I couldn’t take my eyes off the water
I ended on the beach too
Couldn’t get enough of the cliffs

I have no idea why California apartments rent for more than double those in Texas… 😉

Have you ever been to Torrey Pines?