Piece, Love & Chocolate – The Best Little Chocolate Shop in Boulder, Colorado

“All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.” 
― Charles M. Schulz

If you’re a chocolate lover or strolling around Boulder with a chocolate lover, there’s one place you must go.

Piece, Love & Chocolate is a tasty surprise tucked away at the corner of 8th and Pearl St. It’s hard to spot if you aren’t paying attention, but it’s full of chocolate…so you should be paying attention.

Piece, Love & Chocolate
Keep an eye out for the excellent decor and the very tiny sign.

On a four-day trip, I only had time to stop there three days. What a tragedy! It’s full of any and everything chocolate, including truffles and other candy, cakes, brownies, cookies, pasta, and more. Bonus points for having gluten free options.

Chocolate Pasta
Chocolate pasta and pasta shavings

I’m not a huge candy eater, but I love hot cocoa. Lucky for me, it was a little chilly in Boulder and this place knows how to do hot cocoa. If you love dark chocolate, order the hot cocoa French style and then come back here and thank me. It’s unsweetened and is absolutely heavenly. I am currently suffering from withdrawl. They also offer hot sipping chocolate and icy hot chocolate, in addition to coffee, tea, etc. Wins all around! You can check out the full cafe menu here.


The flavor isn’t the only reason to stop by the store. The decor is fun in all the right ways. Imagine Valentine’s Day meets tropical island.

Piece, Love & Chocolate Decor
See what I mean?

And they have a sense of humor, too! Check out this excellent nutrition knowledge out front.

I love salad!

What can I say? It was love at first look…and taste. The service is excellent and the cashier definitely recognized me upon my second visit. I’m hoping to somehow recreate that French hot cocoa when it’s not 90 degrees in Dallas.

Tip: There’s parking just around the corner on 8th St. It’s the closest available and I believe it was $1.25/hour. It’s great if you aren’t going too far down Pearl. If you plan to explore the rest of Pearl Street Mall, the parking garage at 11th St. and Spruce is one of the garages closest to the West End.

Your turn – Have you stumbled upon any amazing chocolate shops while traveling?



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