10 Ways to Feel Like a Traveler When You Just Can’t Travel

I know every super amazing travel blogger, vlogger and other-er will tell you that it’s always the right time to travel. If you’re like me, you might have some other things you want to take care of before taking off. Here are ten things you can do to hold you over until your next big adventure.

10 Ways to Feel Like a Traveler When You Can't Travel

Study a new language
Join a Meetup group. Create a Duolingo account. Download a language learning app. Search Craigslist for a language exchange partner. Learning a new language expands your mind and your interests, and it may just prepare you for your next trip!

Attend a cultural celebration or festival
If you’re in a larger city, you’ll likely find a variety of cultural festivities throughout the year. Do a quick search on Google to see what’s happening in your area. Learn more about the history of these celebrations. Ask questions.

Visit a museum
Many cities have entire museums dedicated to the art and history of different cultures. Make a visit and be inspired by the artwork, historical advances, migration patterns and more. You’ll have more appreciation for other cultures and places if you’re armed with a little background information.

Join a local Couchsurfing group
Once you’ve created a Couchsurfing account, you can join local Couchsurfing groups. There are groups in different cities all over the world, and if you don’t see one near you, you can start one. Plan monthly meetups and get to know both travelers and locals. It’s a great way to make new friends and gain some inspiration for future travels. I met people from Colombia, Mexico, India and Sudan at my last meetup.

Offer up your home
Similarly, you can share your space by becoming a Couchsurfing host. It’s a great way to meet travelers from all over the world if you’re comfortable with the arrangement.

Eat adventurously 
Seek out new restaurants that offer up authentic food from around the world. Hint: They’re often small restaurants, so you may have to do a little more research. A quick internet search should help you find what cultures are more prevalent in your area. For example, Dallas has some amazing and authentic Korean restaurants and karaoke places. Going is a real adventure!

Cook AND eat adventurously
If you’re trying to save your pennies (for travel, duh), take to Google or Pinterest and search for traditional (insert country here) dishes. You can cook for yourself, invite friends over or even plan an international potluck. Ask that everyone bring a traditional food or beverage from the country of your choice, and you can make a monthly event out of it.

Attend a lecture 
Museums, libraries, cultural centers and universities are a great place to start. Check local calendars and event listings for upcoming events. You never know what you’ll find, or what may inspire you. Authors, actors, industry leaders, photographers- the list goes on. Universities with a large number of international students and those with strong international studies departments often have great lectures.

Take a class
Have you ever thought about auditing a university class? There’s generally a small fee, but you’ll actually get to enjoy learning without focusing on a grade. Study international business, African culture, Asian art and more. Or, skip the university and take a photography class to improve your travel photos. If you have a photography center near you, see if they offer travel photography classes.

Movie night
Watch a foreign film at home, or see if there’s anything interesting playing at an indie theater near you. You can also look to see if your community has some kind of foreign film theater. For example, Richardson, which is a suburb of Dallas, has FunAsia. FunAsia plays Bollywood films. And if all else fails, watch away your wanderlust on Netflix.

How do you stay motivated until your next trip?


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