Just a Minute in Milwaukee

Once  upon a time, a colleague got sick and I found myself preparing for a trip to Milwaukee in less than 48 hours with clients I’d never met. This post is a result of that adventure.

First things first. I stayed at the Pfister Hotel, a very Victorian and very historic hotel located within half a mile of the Milwaukee Art Museum.



Upon peeking out my window, I noticed a sign for Downtown Books. I had a short amount of time to kill before getting ready for an event, so it was off to the bookstore.


I could have spent hours upon hours in the store. If you’re in Milwaukee and you’re a book lover, this is a must. I would compare it to Powell’s Books in Portland, you know, if we were comparing bookstores.

The next two days were filled with meetings, so I was left with 4-5 hours to myself before catching a flight home. My first stop was the Milwaukee Public Market.


If you’re a foodie, add this to your list of things to do (and taste). The market is full of fresh food, juices, spices and more.

Gotta have the cheese in Wisconsin, right?

They also have cooking classes and other fun events throughout the year.


I enjoyed wandering around and smelling everything before heading to my final destination, the Milwaukee Art Museum. In writing this, I just realized that if they’d named it the Milwaukee Museum of Art, it would be the MMA. Any UFC fans? No? Okay.

Outside the museum

I snapped some shots of my favorite pieces of art while making a short trip through.



The photo above is a good representation of my trip- a little all over. After powering through the museum, I was headed back home after just a minute in Milwaukee.

Have you ever been? What did I miss?


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