Friday Findings 1.15.2016

Back with another Friday Findings! Here are the fun and interesting things I found while wandering the web this week.

A New “Library of Things” Lets You Test Your Hidden Genius by Borrowing Nearly Anything– I would LOVE to live near this- too cool!

A Surprise Texas City Is Named the Second Best Travel Destination in the World: Who’s Boring Now? – San Antonio is a 4-5 hour drive from Dallas and I’ve noticed it’s become a really popular meeting destination over the last few years. Plenty to see and do!

10 Books that Inspired Us to Travel via Just a Pack– Books make great travel inspiration, and this is a good list.

Why Don’t Women Celebrate Their Travel Accomplishments the Way They Celebrate Engagements via Matador Network– “It’s particularly important when we realize that what a culture chooses to celebrate significantly influences how young people define success and consequently, how they determine their individual goals.”

This Is Your Brain on Nature via National Geographic– Yesss. Green things!


Happy Friday! Got anything good to share? Leave it in the comments below.




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