Coming Out of Retirement- Adult Gymnastics

I did gymnastics for nine years, moving up from just bouncing around and flipping at any chance I got to eventually competing and participating in exhibitions. It’s the perfect sport for us Type A’s who want everything to be perfect.

When I retired in high school, it was like part of my identity just disappeared. They say you never forget your first love, and mine was gymnastics. It consumed my every thought for several years, and now it’s back. I’ve just had the itch to get on a balance beam lately. I’ve been doing handstands against my wall and jumping around as if I were doing a routine. My poor neighbors… 🙂

Last week I finally got the chance to get back in the gym when I signed up for adult gymnastics. The class is one hour twice a week but the set-up is perfect. We stretch on our own and then do a mix of drills, conditioning and floor work for about 20 minutes before we’re pretty free to practice on our own. We’re encouraged to progress and continue improving, and I can get a spot when I need it. I have so many goals already, especially related to strength. My body still remembers how to do things but I don’t necessarily have the core and arm strength to do all the things I want to yet.

I had trouble finding a ton of information on adult gymnastics, so in case anyone happens upon this, here are some resources that helped me find a gym near me and provided a little inspiration.

Masters Gymnastics– Great if you’re looking for a gym or are interested in competing as an adult

Drills and Skills– Awesome resource for conditioning

Fit and Fun With Coach Meggin– YouTube channel with some great tutorials, drills and conditioning

ChalkBucket– Forum with a good number of adult gymnasts. Just search adult gymnastics or adult meets to find a good amount of info and inspiration. This is helpful since your “normal” friends will have no idea what a kip or shoulder block is.

There are also several videos on YouTube if you search adult gymnastics, AAU ladies division and things like that.

Happy flipping! 



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