Hostel Review: HI Point Loma in San Diego, California

Time for another hostel review, now that I’ve told you everything else I did in San Diego! I’m wrapping up all of my California experiences just in time to head back this week, but for now…the year was 2012. I had a conference in San Diego and decided to spend a few extra days soaking up all the beauty the area has to offer. If you missed some of that beauty, you can check out my posts on Torrey Pines here, or Mount Soledad here.

I decided to stay at HI Point Loma because it’s outside the city area and a close walk to the beach. It has a nice neighborhood vibe and there are plenty of places to walk to. You can also rent a bike if you prefer wheels.

HI Point Loma

One thing I loved about this hostel was the huge open main room. There’s a great kitchen connected to the area where you can just sit and enjoy a meal, read, mingle or plan your day.

HI Point Loma Kitchen
Loved this kitchen!

One of my favorite things about most hostels is that they have plenty of information on what to do in the area, and not just “touristy” things. I ended up going to see a live band one night, thanks to the information board.

HI Point Loma Wall
Plenty of things to do!

I decided to go explore the hostel after I put my things away, and found this little library with an area to sit and relax.

HI Point Loma Books
Hostel decor

They also had the history of the hostel on the walls, which I thought was really neat. It’s easy to forget that hostels aren’t usually hostels first. Some of them have great stories behind them.

HI Point Loma History
Hostel history

I don’t have anything negative to say about HI Point Loma. The guy who checked me in was great- very friendly and helpful. They have locker storage, a laid back vibe and plenty of opportunities to meet people in the main area or TV room.

I felt safe enough to walk around by myself during the day; the beach was a short walk and Peace Pies was close too! Did I mention the hammock?


If you really want to be in the city center of San Diego, I’d probably recommend looking for another hostel, unless you have a car. However, if you’re really looking to relax, check out some shops and restaurants, and enjoy the beach scene, this is the perfect place.

Have you ever been to San Diego? Any other hostel recommendations?


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