Exploring Ocean Beach and Sunset Cliffs

While staying in San Diego, my hostel was so close to Ocean Beach that I walked there every day, sometimes to watch the surfing and sometimes to enjoy the local businesses that lined the surrounding streets.

Ocean Beach

I took a yoga class at a local studio and went for a stroll afterwards. I stopped at the Green Store, which is dedicated to environmentalism, social justice, animal rights and peace. I had a really nice talk with co-founder Colleen. Again, one of my favorite things about traveling alone is taking my time to explore, to stop, ask questions, meet people and learn about their passions.

Inside the Green Store

I also stopped at a local market, which had some AMAZING produce and gluten free snacks that I picked up for later.


After spending a full day on Ocean Beach, I headed to Sunset Cliffs with a friend I met at the hostel. He had a car, so this wasn’t a trip I’d planned on my own. I’m so glad I got to go though!

Since I didn’t really know Sunset Cliffs was a natural park, I wasn’t well-prepared. There may be an easier way to get to the water, but we parked and then climbed up, down and over a ton of hills. I was wearing slick flip flops, so that was entertaining to say the least. Rather than breaking my ankle, I chose to get a little dirty. I slid down some of the slopes and used my hands to climb where necessary. Whatever works. It was worth it!

Sunset Cliffs
More gorgeous views


Crashing waves come all the way up and over the cliffs


A more calm view of the water

Sunset Cliffs would be gorgeous any time of day; but if you can get there at sunset, do it! And don’t forget your camera! There were several other people around taking photos, but not enough to turn me off from the experience. Oh, and don’t forget good shoes either. 😉


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