I’m Goin’ to Camp!

My only camp experience as a kid was one year at gymnastics camp. I met Bela Karolyi and several of his gymnasts, and I got thrown in the air high enough to do a triple back (flip). We had a talent show, went swimming and got to stay in cool cabins with bunk beds. It was a 10-year old gymnast’s dream.

Last week, I was searching around for an aerial arts camp, something that would allow me to immerse myself in all things aerial and circus for at least a weekend. Instead, I found Camp Grounded.

camp grounded


Camp Grounded isn’t just any summer camp for adults. Oh no. For starters, it’s a digital detox. When you enter camp, you’re required to hand over every single digital item you have, phone, watches and cameras included. You are not allowed to talk about what you do for work, and you don’t even use your real name.

In addition to the digital detox, Camp Grounded has 25+ different activities you can sign up for, none of which involve anything digital. When I saw those, I got really excited! It’s just like the summer camp experience kids get, and exactly what I was looking for. There’s a talent show, a camp dance, color wars, villages and tents. It’s the real deal, and it’s open to anyone 18 and up.

Because of the location and start times, I actually have to fly into San Francisco a day early and out the day after. Oh boohoo- a few extra hours in my one of my favorite places.


 Have you ever been to camp? What do you think about a camp like this?


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