Inspiration and Entertainment from Bars to Bathrooms

I failed last Friday and didn’t make Friday Findings happen. I got a pretty big freelance client that had a tight deadline, so there wasn’t much time for reading. Hopefully I can make up for it this Friday! Back to blogging as usual until then.

I’m a sucker for an uplifting quote- something happy, positive, creative, or just fun. If it’s not one of those things, chances are it’s entertaining or makes me think. In my day-to-day life and while traveling, I have a habit of snapping photos of signs, pictures and other random things said. Today, I’m sharing a few.

My life
Local bathroom
Learn from mistakes
Local bathroom
“Free beer! And chocolate macs. Not crazy for milk chocolate myself.” Streets of San Francisco…because giving
Streets of San Francisco…because it’s San Francisco, CA
Somewhere in Seattle, WA…
Gas Works Park- Seattle, WA
Things that make you go hmm…in Boulder, CO
A coaster in Boston, MA
Graffiti Park in Austin, TX
Streets of Savannah, GA

That’s all for today. I love finding these little gems, some hidden in the most random places. Does anyone else have this habit?


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