Doggy Life Lessons and Inspiration

A little over two years ago, my mom brought home one terrified little yorkie from a local shelter. He came from a family that horded animals. His name was Jax, and for 6+ months, he did nothing but quietly sit in the corner of the living room hidden by a recliner.

IMG_0784When he wasn’t nervously shaking or sitting in the corner, he would get a little more comfortable…and sleep in the corner.


Each time I went over to visit, it was the same thing. I kept thinking to myself, “Is he ever going to be okay here?” And then, bit by bit, he found his place.

On the couch.

Jax couchAnd me.


He started playing with toys.


He wouldn’t walk on a leash, so my parents bought him a stroller (that I wish I could find a picture of because it was hilarious).

In 2014, Jax started barking. We were all in shock. I would imagine it’s like a parent hearing their child speak for the first time.

And in 2015 (drum roll please), with the help of his cousins Bella and Bailey, Jax started walking on a leash.


As ridiculous as it may sound to some, that little dog has inspired me quite a bit. I think he’s proof that with enough love and a little guidance, anything can happen. Hugs, belly rubs and patience go a long way.

So whether you need to be patient with yourself, or someone else, may you harness your inner Jax and move on forward. 😉

Happy hump day!


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