Saving Money for Travel: Making the Decision

There are tons of blogs that will tell you how to save money to put towards travel, but they often skip over the important part- making the decision to just do it. If you haven’t really made it a priority, it won’t ever happen. It’s like work or exercise; you have to make time for it and a commit to getting it done.

Goal digger


I haven’t made it a priority for the last few years because I was getting my mind and body all healed up after being diagnosed with celiac disease. Several gluten free meals and lots of rest and $ later, after owning my own health coaching business and teaching others what I’ve learned, I’m ready to turn my attention back to travel and writing because those are the things that make me tick.

Do what you love


I feel like an oddball when I read other travel lover’s blogs. I’m not preparing to quit my job and take off for a year, although I could see that happening at some point. I’m not selling everything I own. I’m about to pay off my car and then I’m knocking out the rest of my student loans.

I want the best of both worlds right now though- work I enjoy (not sure I want to work in Dallas forever) and the ability to travel. I want to increase my freelance writing load to help pay for travel while I use my salary from my full-time job to meet my other financial goals. If I could find a dream job that included travel, event planning and/or communications, even better!



I’m constantly trying to find ways to save, so I’m going to start posting about that more in hopes that it will help others too. To start, here are the things I usually ask myself before making a purchase. They’re what help me continue on with the decision I’ve already made. Eye on the prize, baby!

  • What do I really want from saving, budgeting, etc. like this? Is it just travel, or is there more? If there’s more, how can I integrate those things with my travel goals?
  • Why do I want this item right now? Is it because someone else got it, because it’s on sale, or because I already wanted it and continue to? How will this make my life better or make me a better person? Can I get it later?
  • Do I need this right now? Could I wait until my car is paid off or I’ve put more aside for my upcoming trip? How will this make my life better?
  • Can I make this myself? Recycling is awesome!
  • Is there a way to get this cheaper or free? Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Those are some of the major thoughts that run through my head on a weekly basis.

What have you done to save for trips? What’s the craziest thing you’ve done or sacrificed for some time away from home? Inspire me!


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