Goodbye 2014, Hello Canada!

There is no better way to wrap up 2014 than by booking your first big trip of 2015! I racked up some serious American Airlines mileage this year, and over the last few months I’ve been soul searching (and researching) to find a way to use them.

I read about traveling during off-peak times on The Miles Professor, so I started with that in mind. Traveling off-peak means you get the most for your miles. I really wanted to spend some time in the mountains- big big mountains, unlike anything we have in Texas. After going back and forth trying to work out flights, what I wanted to see, what would be easiest for a solo traveler, etc., I landed on our neighbor to the north, Canada. I went back and forth forever before I decided to fly into Calgary and out of Vancouver. That will allow me to see a decent chunk of the west.



I’ll be spending ten glorious days among mountains, lakes, nature and a little bit of city, too. I love being active when I travel, and this one will definitely keep me busy! Plenty of great photo-ops, too.

So, what’s the agenda and how am I getting around? I’ve never done organized tours while traveling alone, but I really want to see as much as possible. For that reason, I booked two tours with Moose Travel Network. I looked high and low before settling and I can’t wait! Since I’m flying into Calgary, I’m starting out in Banff. I’m going to relax there for a day before jumping on the Athabasca tour that goes through Lake Louise and Jasper. Once our group gets back, I have another day to enjoy Banff alone before jumping on the Chinook tour that heads from Banff to Vancouver with a stop in Kelowna. Once in Vancouver, I’ll have a few days to explore on my own.



Stanley Park and the Capilano Suspension Bridge are on my to-do list in Vancouver. Any other recommendations?

It feels so good to have everything settled after hours of indecision. I need to book a couple of hostels and then I’m all set. I just have to figure how to use the rest of those miles. 😉


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