Totally Raw and Totally Awesome: Peace Pies in San Diego, California

I love Peace Pies. My belly loves Peace Pies. My taste buds love Peace Pies.

As always, I did some Yelping and Googling for gluten free restaurants before heading to San Diego. With a name like Peace Pies, I was immediately curious. Once I checked out the menu, a trip to the Ocean Beach location was added to my to-do list.

Peace Pies

I have such an appreciation for raw food. If you’re making good raw food, it takes some serious time and work. After looking at the menu, I knew I was in for a treat! I ordered the awesome alfredo- zucchini linguini tossed with creamy cashew alfredo with chopped tomatoes and cheezy kale flakes.

Peace Pies awesome alfredo

I could not wait to dig into this! The cashew alfredo was sooo amazing. I don’t know why I haven’t tried to recreate it myself…probably fear of failure. I was heading out to explore Ocean Beach a bit more, so I grabbed a chocolate almond butter bar for dessert, too.

Peace Pies

Annndddd I’m drooling just looking at that picture again. The bar was delicious. It came straight from the fridge, so it was nice and cool. It was just sweet enough and oh-so-creamy.

I decided to go to Peace Pies again a few days later because my hostel was just so close to it (and it was good!). I had the tubular tuna wrap- sunflower seed tuna pate with tomatoes, pickles & sprouts, wrapped in a tender collard green.

Peace Pies
The flavor was awesome and I started wrapping tons of things in collard greens when I got home, too! I didn’t forget about dessert either. I had the cosmic coconut cream pie.

Peace Pies

As you can probably guess, I loved it. I think I liked the almond butter bar better, but I definitely do not regret this decision.

The Ocean Beach location is pretty small, but they sell other raw food snacks and plenty of kitchen items for making raw foods. Dehydrator, anyone? Gahhh, I need a bigger kitchen!

Peace Pies

The staff was really friendly and I obviously loved the food. They even have their own raw cookbook available for sale on the website. If you’re on Instagram, follow them for some raw food ideas. Just make sure you have something to wipe the drool off of your keyboard. Mmm…

Final verdict- Peace Pies is actually the best raw restaurant I’ve ever been to. If I’m in town again, I’ll definitely be going back. There’s nothing like filling up on healthy food and walking to the beach to just chill out and soak up some nature.


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